Lisa featured on NEW MIXTAPE by Stick In The Wheel

East London based Folk Band Stick In The Wheel release brand new mixtape….

Don’t You Go A Rushing is a song from Lisa’s latest album Till April Is Dead. This live version was recorded at Stick In The Wheels’ previous album launch and has been set about in the cutting room by SITWs very own EAN KRAYTER (Ian Carter). Snipped, chopped and throughly shot through with electronic, dub and dance overtones its come out the other end an expressionist wonder!

This And The Memory Of This is a brand new mixtape from Stick In the Wheel which follows on from their previous release this year, with collaborations from Lisa Knapp, Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Om Unit the collection presents sketches and fragments of traditional and new material mixed with electronics and dub and influences and is produced by EAN KRAYTER from the band.