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BroadsidE Ballads

As well as releasing her own album ‘Till April is Dead-A Garland of May’ 2017 also saw Lisa tour alongside folk singer and collector Sam Lee and singer/sound artist Nathaniel Mann (Dead Rat Orchestra) in ‘Broadsides’ - Delving into the extensive Bodleian Library broadside archive to curate brand new material for a unique series of shows (in association with Sound UK) which was constructed from   Featuring live printing on stage, spoken word, songs both solo and in harmony the band also featured percussionist Pete Flood (Bellowhead) & double bass player Seth Bennett. Lisa, Sam and Nathan played to a variety of venues & audiences throughout the UK.

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During the summer of 2017 Lisa also toured with Dead Rat Orchestra and experimental film maker James Holcombe in ’Tyburnia’.  Featuring a live soundtrack to a multi-projector photochemical film piece exploring the history of capital punishment in the UK over the last 500 years. The soundtrack utilised violins, tape loops, hand bells, found sounds, distorted guitar noise and songs ranging from 17th century robbers cant to gallows ballads.

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Canal Music

In 2009 Lisa joined forces with electronics wizz Leafcutter John (Polar Bear) for “Canal Music”. Exploring archive recordings and working extensively with London’s Canal museum Lisa & John constructed and entirely new piece of work to be performed on canal boat ‘The Chiswick’ as it travelled to various locations along the Grand Union Canal.