Goodbye Summer

Hello all,

With Lyme Folk Festival, and Moseley Folk Festival creeping upon us this coming weekend will bring to an end my/our summer Festival season of 2014.  With a solo performance at fRoots Cellar at Sidmouth Folkweek, full band at Suffolk's FolkEast and Shambala in Northamptonshire last week we've been kept on our toes. We welcomed our first performance with new recruit Rex Horan on double bass (Shambala).  I say we, that means Gerry Diver (producer, md, fiddle, keyboards +), Fred Thomas (our usual bass player), and Paul Glover on drums.  We also had the pleasure of the beautiful, dulcit tones of Kate Arnold on hammered dulcimer when she joined us specially for the immensely enjoyable Folk East gig.  Many thanks to all the festivals who invited us to play, and to all those who came (& come) to see us, please do Tweet & F/book if you've enjoyed the show and I hope we'll see some of you when we go on tour in October.  Do have a look at the gigs page to check out dates and venues.  


From the fRoots Cellar at Sidmouth Folkweek

Courtesy of fRoots & Carmen Hunt


Hunting the Hare at Folk East in Suffolk

 Courtesy of Kathy Baxendale @ Folk East

Incedentally, I was invited up to BBC Radio 3's In Tune programme on 15th August for a live session. I'm afraid the programme is no longer available to hear but here's a link to music played...  We met the delightful Suzy Klein who interviewed myself and as it is school holidays my daughter, who's only 11, and absolutely loved it in the live studio!  Gerry joined me for Shipping Song and I sang Beggar Beggar myself.  

Lisa Knapp