Yes indeedy.  My May EP (Hunt The Hare - Chapter 1) was made with grateful assistance from English Folk Dance and Song Society .  At the same time I was appointed as a one of their Resident Artists and am proud to be so.  EFDSS @ Cecil Sharp House in Camden run lots of folk related learning initiatives; classes for adults and children in music and dance; however, I want to particularly mention the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.  Housed within Cecil Sharp House, many folk music fans, musicians, storytellers, designers, illustrators, artists, creatives generally etc know about this jewel already but if you're just interested in anything relating to folk song, dance, lore of Britain and elsewhere, you'll be well rewarded if you make a trip to this library, I reckon.

I adore this place and have spent many many afternoons rifling through its tons of books, pamphlets, manuscripts and listening to many many gems from the archive recording collection housed here.  I've learnt heaps about folk music from going to some of the Folk Music in England evening courses taught by eminant folklorist extraordianaire Steve Roud.    

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Lisa Knapp