#The Bells


I've just had the best morning.  As I was walking to work past a local church I noticed they were ringing their bells.  Being, as usual, rather intoxicated at the sound of bells I thought I'd try and record them on my phone, as you do.  I was walking towards the bell tower when someone came past me to go into the bell tower and politely asked what I was doing.  I explained that I really love the sound of bells and wanted to record it and they said would I like to come up?  So, I've just spent a lovely forty minutes, sat in the top of the bell tower, watching and listening to a lovely group of gentlefolk ring rounds and changes and patterns called things like 'The Queen's' and the 'Cambridge something or other'.  I hadn't realised how mathematical it all is… I feel a tune coming on in 'plain bob minor'.  What brilliant fun!  

Bells by Lisa Knapp

Lisa Knapp