Rested, recovering, re-connecting...

Hello there,

It appears that I have been 'inactive' since my gig in May. So, as it rather feels like I've fallen off the planet I thought I would update news on my website, if only to remind myselft that I haven't fallen of the edge of the planet!  Haha, I'm sure there are those who would actually say I'd done that years ago.  Hey ho.

Well, we had a lovely time at King's Place bck in May.  I played LOADS AND LOADS of new stuff which was both petrifying and delightful.  Then we had a small break in Spain, then weeks of 'family commitments' then, da da da, I caught chicken pox!  Big sigh.  I can tell you IT IS NOT FUN to catch chicken pox as an adult!  Gerry (partner/producer) has also been very busy in the studio finalising his wonderful 'Speech Project' album.  All things seem to have conspired these last few weeks to halt my work in its tracks and though some of the destractions are welcomed and thoroughly enjoyable I am now looking forward to switching into 'music mode' once more.

I am going to venture outside for a walk today for the first time in nearly two weeks.  I look rather 'diseased'; generously speckled with red blotches and scabs, though I am no longer infectious at least.  I will pretend I'm a rock star and put my dark glasses on (even though it's cloudy) so I can collect wierd looks from passers by and yet feel hidden by a small round disc of dark plastic, why does that work?  I kid myself really, this is London and probably no-one will notice/give a shit.  

So, I am now rested, recovering, and re-connecting with my music.  I think I might stick something on Soundcloud soon.  Just for the hell of it.  I hope you are all enjoying the summer fruits, festivals and frivolities!

Looking forward to seeing y'all somewhere soon. 

Lisa x






Lisa Knapp