New Project - Song Workshop

I have jumped in at the deep end (yoikes! ahem!) and am going to start tutoring the Song Workshop as part of the Saturday music workshops at Cecil Sharp House!  I'm really looking forward to it and as somebody sage-like once said "We teach that which we most need to learn".   So, with that in mind I'm having much fun delving into the archive and literature at VWML and coming up with some beautiful, funny, sad, bizarre and wonderful folk songs.  As well as that I'm receiving advice and encouragement from all angles and feel generally grateful, if a little apprehensive, to be doing it.  The first class is Sat 29th Jan and there are six more classes till the Easter break.  The class will cover Songs from the British Isles and beyond, though the focus for the next two terms will be Gypsy and Traveller songs. It's given me a great impetus to find and look for material specifically relating to that (of which there's loads in the library).  All this amazing stuff left by those gone before, quite humbling really.   So... here's luck to me!


I'll let you know how I'm getting on...... over and out for now.  L


More info on the class here.   

Oh, and some great songs in this for anyone interested.    



Lisa Knapp