New song 'The Queens' Men' released on Folk Police Recordings compilation

"Well the autumn seems to have come early this year; the days of mostly sun turned mostly cloud, evenings drawing in and fat spiders perched on intricate webs, clasped on fading greenery.  I am looking forward to holing myself up in the studio and getting my head stuck into recording for a new album.... lot's to do.

However,  before that there is some news.  I have just finished recording a track for an interesting compiliation to be released by Folk Police Recordings called the Oak Ash & Thorn Project.  It will contain songs from the late Peter Bellamy's albums 'Oak, Ash and Thorn' and 'Merlin's Isle of Gramarye', both of which are Peter's versions of poems by Rudyard Kipling set to music and song.The song I'm doing is called 'The Queens' Men'. 

 It was recorded on the original by Dik Cadbury (vocals), Dolly Collins (organ) and Peter Hall (lute).  Originally written as part of a collection of poems surrounding the character 'Puck' the poem was first published under the title 'Two Cousins'.  

I learned the song exactly as it was recorded but after playing it quite straightforwardly for a while I had a strong urge to do something slightly different with it.  I toyed around with different textures and eventually the melody sort of changed organically, though I've still followed the melodic contour of the song.  I used layered vocal textures and then played some sparse string ideas with the ever inspiring Mister Gerry Diver.  It has taken on quite a different feel.  There it is.  I hope you enjoy it."

Other artists on the album include Jon Boden, Sam Lee, Charlie Parr, The Owl Service, Pamela Wyn-Shannon, Olivia Chaney, Jackie Oates, Tim Erikson, Cath & Phil Tyler, Elle Osborne and others! 

A start studded cast!  Check in soon to find out the release date. 

Lisa Knapp